Referral Program

At BOOST Web Marketing we understand that happy clients can often lead to word of mouth referrals. Our ultimate goal is to always provide our clients with services that over deliver, so they WANT to tell their friends and colleagues about us. In many cases making a good referral to a friend, family member or colleague is enough, but at BOOST Web Marketing we like to provide more than a simple "thanks" for those valuable referrals.

Referral Program Terms
Refer a client to BOOST Web Marketing LLC. If that referral results in a sale of at least $299 we will perform two of the following services FREE of charge!

1. Google Places (Maps) Optimization - We will claim your Business listing for you and optimize the page just as Google likes it.

2. Complete Website Analytics Setup - We will setup an account for your website with Google Analytics then install it on your website. From that point forward you will be able to login and see how much traffic your site has received, where the traffic came from, how long the average user stays on the website and MUCH more.

3. Social Media Setup - We will create a Facebook and Twitter account for your Company. We will then fill out the profiles for you and give you advice on how to proceed with managing them.

4. Free Web Hosting for 6 Months - We will host your website on our state-of-the-art servers free of charge for 6 months. We will also walk you through the transition process of moving hosts. If you decide to stay with us for your web hosting needs we will offer you a discount. If not, we will walk you through the process of switching to another host. If we are already hosting your website, you will get 6 months of free hosting service after your current contract ends.

5. Free Logo Design/Re-Design - We will design/re-design a custom logo for your Business. Just give your specifications, if you have any, and our designer will go to work and provide you with a professionally designed logo to represent your Business.

If you qualify, just give Leslie a call at 317.220.7253 and we'll deliver as promised.

Best Regards,

Josh Spaulding
Co-Owner / President, Operations
BOOST Web Marketing LLC.

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